Видео: Jebao wp10 new wave maker review and test

Jebao WP10 Wavemaker. First look.

I had to replace the noisy Kent Marine power heads used in my 94 Litre tank. This one gets good reviews and is very cheap.

Jebao OW-25 Wavemaker Pump Review and Demo

Heres a video I made with the Jebao ow-25 wavemaker in my tank, and I had used a bubbler to show the strength and pulses with ...

Jebao Vs Eheim Streamon+ OW-10 vs OW-25 vs 9500+

Wave maker Test 1 PART 1 WATER TEST.

Jebao WP25 In Action - Review Demo

Take you on a tour of the functions in a 20 long tank and give my overall opinion of this pump compared to the WP40. Looking to ...

Jebao wp10 wavemakers

Played around enjoying my new wave maker.

Jebao RW, PP, SW, OW Wavemaker Pump Complete Tutorial

A complete tutorial of the Jebao wavemakers.

Jebao Wp25 Review 1/2

Here's the Unboxing of my new Jebao wave maker pump.

Jebao WP10 In action.

Very pleased indeed with this wave maker. Quiet and powerful with enough settings on its neat little control panel to please most ...

Setup aquarium wave maker JEBAO OW-10 mini wave maker review and installation. Jebao wave maker.

wavemaker #jebao #jebaoaquarium Today I'll be doing a review and installation of the Jebao OW-10 Wave Maker. Links included ...

Honest Review: Jebao WP-10 Biocube 29 #1

This is my review of the Jebao WP-10 which I just installed into my Oceanic Biocube 29. If you want to watch my second updated ...

Jebao WP25 review

Jebao WP25 review Jebao WP25 review and wave samples.

Jebao WP10 Dead in the water. Part 1.

6 months in and this looks like it was a big waste of money. Completely dead power head with the controller working perfectly.

Honest Review: Jebao WP-10 Biocube 29 #2

This is my second update review for the WP-10. If you have not watched my original review, you can at this link: ...

10 Best Aquarium Wave Makers 2019

UPDATED RANKING ▻▻ https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-aquarium-wave-makers Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date.

Jebao WP-40 Wave Maker (In Action)

H: Maximum flow fixed-made stream mode (13000L) L: 1/3 of the maximum flow fixed flow made ​​to flow mode (4300L) W1: ...

VorTech Mp10W, Jebao WP-10, Tunze Nano Wave Box 6206

This is a short video showing the 3 wave makers I have on my 2' cube reef tank. I do have a slight algae issue in the tank but I ...

Jebao WP-60 Wave Maker Review...

Come join us at http://TropheusAndMore.com and help us build the next big online all inclusive aquaria forum! Getting sick of ...

Jebao rw8 review

Review of the new rw series jebao wavemaker. This is the rw 8. This was my first video and as it was so popular i will be moving ...

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